Group Numbers for Contributions


If your Group is not listed below. You may be able to look it up at:

Group Numbers for Contributions

GroupRegionA.A.W.S. Group ID
Antelope Valley YPAAAV000427168
12 and 12000098110
AV Sat Morn Mens StaggAV000091697
A.V. Mens StaggAV000093268
AM/Mid Day Mod Quartz Hill GrangeAV000021560
Any Lengths Group000093283
Bean Bag TossSCV000037785
Crown Valley GroupSCV000145347
Each Day A New Beginning000102253
Favorite Part of Big Book000044165
Friday Q.H. Unity Group - SpeakerAV000106402
Great Reality000108209
Guest Panel AA Meeting (Recovery Room)000478353
High Desert Big BookAV000110198
Into Action
Just For TodaySCV000112721
Lake Hughs Mens StaggAV000020649
Lake Hughs Monday NightAV000006721
Little Red Book MeetingAV000011851
Magic Mountain GroupSCV000016486
Magic Mountain BB FriSCV000118134
New Reflections Group - Stepping StonesSCV000034612
Open DoorAV000044437
Palmdale GroupAV000046770
Palmdale Speaker Group(12x12)AV000030515
Pearblossom Participation GroupAV000048214
Quartz Hill PM ModAV000046451
Rafters SCVSCV000054227
Rule 62000445035
SCV Serenity GroupSCV000061556
SCV Sunday SpeakerSCV000044342
Saturday Womens Stagg Zoom000400725
Step Sisters In SCV - Fri 9 amSCV000080548
Step Stones - Tuesday Daily ReflectionsSCV001100819
Step Stones - Sun Breakfast GroupSCV
Step Stones 9:00 am WedsSCV000044167
Step Stones Alano ClubSCV000112721
Sunday Night BB Group000084328
Thursday Night Big Book Study000007790
Thursday Night Step Workshop AVAV000067758
Val Verde Coyote GroupSCV000018546
We Care000445374
Wed Night BB Study Quartz HillAV000053838
Wed Night Mens Crosstalk OLPHSCV000020742
Women In Recovery000123053
Women Seeking Serenity000037283
Womens Weds Happy Hour000038476
As of November 18, 2023


You transmit ideas and opinions, as well as facts; through you, the group conscience becomes a part of “the collective conscience of our whole Fellowship,’ as expressed in the General Service Conference.

7th Tradition

The Seventh Tradition states: “Every A.A. group ought to be fully self-supporting, declining outside contributions.” While contributions cover each group’s rent and other expenses, the Seventh Tradition is essential at every level of A.A. service. 

District 7

A.A. is made up of 93 areas inside the U.S. and Canada. We are part of Area 93. Each Area is subdivided into Districts. We are in District 7. 


In District 7, many Committees and Liaisons are committed to bringing the message of A.A. carry the message of Alcoholics Anonymous to our communities in different formats and venues.